Susan Malahleka: Life Improvement Through Personal Development

Many people have the desire to improve their life. This might come in the form of wanting to lose weight and become fit, to learn to study better, or to become more happy with themselves. However, it’s easy to want to do something. It is much harder to actually set and accomplish those goals, especially when it comes to personal development.

Life Coaching found passion for life coaching early on. Leaving home at 15, she faced plenty of challenges in her life from a younger age than most people, and understood the value of getting help and support from people a little bit further along their own personal journey.

The idea of being able to help others the way she was helped stuck in her mind, and helped guide every step of her education and early career.

Life Experience & Strong Education
The best personal development coaches are those who can combine personal life experience with a strong education. Education is great, but if the person has no real life experience with struggle or self-improvement, then it can be very hard to relate to the client and speak to them in a way they understand.

With experience but not education, that same life coach will struggle to have the full range of tools to help create positive change. has that blend of both that allows her to empathize with clients while using high end tools to help them out.

A Worthy Mission
Communication and honesty are critical to any client relationship. Overcoming even the roughest of life’s hurdles is possible with the proper guidance from professionals dedicated to honestly helping their clients through whatever issues might be cropping up.

The first step to any self improvement is acknowledging the problem a client wants to tackle and then finding a professional like to guide them through.